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Quarantine and Lockdown have hit us hard here but they’ve given me an excuse to buy as many books as I can afford in an effort to support my favourite bookshops during these disastrous times. It’s not hoarding, guys, it’s helping small businesses survive. It’s the economy, stupid! Hamnet by Maggie O’Farrell: Hailed as the […]

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Book Review: Damascus

Title: Damascus Author: Christos Tsiolkas Publisher, Year: Atlantic Books, 2020. Christos Tsiolkas reimagines Paul of Tarsus as a repressed homosexual with a penchant for violence and a nearly unbearable yearning to fit in. An outcast because of his background, and because his sexuality doesn’t allow him a family, Paul chases after heretics. The story of […]

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Book Review: Ghost Wall

Title: Ghost Wall Author: Sarah Moss Publisher, Year: Granta, 2018 At first sight, Ghost Wall is a tale of domestic violence. The father terrorizes the mother who keeps making excuses for him, unable to escape his cruelty, and the teenage daughter who tries to hide the abuse from everyone, torn between defiance and shame. But […]

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Five Star Predictions?

It would be quite bold of me to make a list of five star predictions because I find that the books I like the most are often those I had barely given any thought to. And I often find that whenever I am hyped for a book it turns out to be something of a […]

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Book Tag – Mid Year Book Tag 2019

Best book you’ve read so far in 2019? It’s a tie between Catcher in the Rye and Dangerous Liaisons. I’m inclined towards the latter though. It’s an astonishing book. Best sequel you’ve read so far this year? I haven’t read any sequels, I think.  New release you haven’t read yet, but want to: The Priory […]

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Book review: The Big Green Tent

by Lyudmila Ulitskaya translated by Bela Shayevich What is this book about? Friendship? Resistance to tyranny? Survival? Art? It finally occurred to me that maybe the book attempted to answer Russia’s most famous question: What Is To Be Done? This question, asked by Tolstoy, Chernyshevsky, Lenin, among others, points to a feeling of dissatisfaction and […]

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Book Review: Iron Gustav

Iron Gustav by Hans Fallada is one of those books where the history of its publication is nearly as interesting as the plot. Fallada wrote the book in the 30s after the Nazis ascended to power which meant that he had to fend off both censorship and the tasteless hand of Joseph Goebbels who wanted […]

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Book Review: Catcher in The Rye

I’m structuring this review in a slightly different way this time. Sometimes, when I finish reading a book, I go to booktube which I think is one of my sources of information about new releases. Plus, there’s a great deal of very knowledgeable, talented readers, and it’s the kind of thing I can listen to […]

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Press review:

Here are a few articles that I want to keep for posteriority: Meet the Guardian of Grammar who wants to help you be a better writer A Suspense Novelist’s Trail of Deceptions – the story of Dan Mallory aka A.J Finn 12 of the Biggest bookstores in the World Shelfie with B.P Walter

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